When Pigs Fly…

We run across people every single day who set artificial limits on what they believe they are capable of.   I’m not even talking about just the sport of bodybuilding, but life in general.

Too many times people see a goal that is going to take years and count it out simply because it’s going to take time.  Our response is always the same – time is going to pass anyway so you might as work toward a big goal.

Emphasize ways to break down the big goal into simple pieces that aren’t so mentally intimidating.  A two year goal can seem completely overwhelming at the outset, but a 3 month goal isn’t so bad.  So, simply do 8 of those.

Think about running a mile.  A mile shouldn’t be your concern.  You aren’t physically able to leap a mile, but what you are able to do is take steps – one at a time – that’s it.  There is no single step that makes all the difference, all the steps matter, and every big goal in life operates the same way.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you want to understand where you are going, you want to lock in a direction, take control of the small things that you can, and then let go.

A big part of success is rearranging the deck so that you are in the driver’s seat.  Sometimes its just reminding yourself that the little things create the big things.  The pieces stack up and every single thing in life can be broken down into those little vulnerable pieces that are almost always completely in your control and are rarely overwhelming.  Find a way to tear down the mental obstacles, because you can do so much if you lower your defenses and allow yourself to move forward.

With everything that Steph, my teams, and I have going on in a week we need to stay mindful that everything we do is leading to bigger, better, and “impossible” goals.  We found this little pig as a gentle reminder that what seems impossible at the start is out there…it’s just going to take a little time, a lot of work, and a whole lot of faith that our big goals sit just on the horizon.

Our pig….well our pig flys.

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