Doing Things the Right Way

My wife and I both had the opportunity to work many years for a high profile and very successful technology company. What made this company somewhat unique in their industry is that they won’t work with just anyone. They would turn down a multi-million dollar contract if they knew the customer wasn’t a good fit, or if they felt the project would not be successful long term because they understood the potential for these two situations to ruin the reputation of the company and have a negative impact on the industry as a whole.

Similarly, at Bakke Athletics we have several core beliefs and stick to our principles. We believe there is a right way to do things in order to promote the sport, and more importantly, to create healthy habits and foster longevity amongst athletes.

This equates to tactics like being patient, following science, and not taking shortcuts. We refuse to drive a competitor into the ground to get stage ready, and refuse to not coach an athlete through recovery.

The result may mean that we are not the right fit for everyone looking for a coach. But it does mean that we have a small group of really smart and hardworking like-minded individuals that are great ambassadors for the sport.

Never compromise on what you know is right just to make a quick dollar. And never compromise what is right to the detriment of your long-term health.

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