Own Your Success

Bodybuilding is one of the most individual sports you will ever find. Yes, our families and friends help us through our ups and downs, but the hundreds of hours of gym time, meal prep, and disciplined decision making belongs to the individual.

The athletes we coach are not ‘our’ athletes. We don’t own them. We don’t own their success, and we down own their struggles. Their successes on stage are theirs and theirs alone.

We did not prep their meals, force them out of bed for early morning workouts, or finish their most grueling workouts for them – they did that.

Getting to the stage is hard – very hard. Our athletes are the ones who should own that success. Every competitor who steps on stage should feel proud of the tremendous amount of work and dedication they invested. As coaches, one

of the worst things we can do is stand out in front of these athletes on social media and talk about what a great job we did as coaches. Let your athletes own that success and take the credit that they deserve for their amazing physiques.

As coaches it is our job to provide guidance, recommendations, encouragement, and honest and constructive feedback. But when it comes to the wins and losses – you better not take credit for the 1st place finishers if you’re not also ready to take responsibility for those athletes that fell short of their goals.

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