Embrace the Unknown

Embrace the Unknown

This morning I watched my toddler twins interact with the world around them. My son would only play with a toy for a minute or two before discarding it and seeking out a new one. My daughter continuously crawled to the stairs, hoping to climb them despite having unsure footing. It made me pause, reflect, and wonder how we often lose these qualities in adulthood. We are born with a natural drive, interest, and curiosity to explore, learn, and try new things without fear of failure or the unknown. Somewhere along the line we find comfort in the safety of a routine, dousing the flame of adventure that is still in all of us.

I have always been someone who is drawn to the unknown and uncertain. I despise monotony and boredom and thrive on trying (and often failing and learning) new things and tackling new challenges. I encourage clients, friends and family, to do the same. It doesn’t have to be something big like starting a new career. Sometimes even the seemingly small things can be life changing because they force us to be uncomfortable for a little while and then grow and adapt.

Try something new for your health and fitness goals. Put yourself in an uncomfortable position. Change up your workout style. Start to work out. Set a goal to lose weight, increase strength, or step on stage. Ultimately even if you fail, the journey to get there is what is important and you will be better for it.

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