Kjersten Bakke, J.D., CPT, CSCS established Bakke Athletics to help people achieve at a high level as competitive athletes while managing complex and demanding professional and personal lives.

We believe everyone can find success in challenging athletic pursuits, achieve healthy living, and still meet the demands of every day life. The key is gaining the real-world and science-based education needed to effectively and efficiently eat, train, and live. Our mission at Bakke Athletics is to provide that education, guidance, and support.

Kjersten and her team counsel clients in a variety of disciplines including nutrition, strength programming, and agility training for improved athletic performance, health, and overall wellness.

The first priority at Bakke Athletics is to help our clients, whether busy professionals, aspiring athletes, or young adults, understand that a commitment to sport, health, and wellness does not require substantial sacrifice in other important areas of life.

Don’t wait to take an important first step in finally owning your health and wellness. Contact us today!