Embrace the Unknown

This morning I watched my toddler twins interact with the world around them. My son would only play with a toy for a minute or two before discarding it and seeking out a new one. My daughter continuously crawled to the stairs, hoping to climb them despite having unsure footing. It made me pause, reflect, … More Embrace the Unknown

Recovery Days

Recovery days matter. —- We recently watched a documentary on an athlete attempting to complete the equivalent of 50 Ironmans in 50 days. Despite training his body to peak condition before starting, both he and his trainer said they underestimated the amount of recovery that was needed after each day. —- The importance of recovery, … More Recovery Days

Genetic Gifts

Attributing success to someone’s genetics simply doesn’t tell the whole story. It takes away from the true reason they accomplished anything – hard, unrelenting work. Kjersten was a 5’10” post player….in the Big Ten conference. She walked on and earned a starting spot in what most people would look at as an impossible situation. She … More Genetic Gifts

Own Your Success

Bodybuilding is one of the most individual sports you will ever find. Yes, our families and friends help us through our ups and downs, but the hundreds of hours of gym time, meal prep, and disciplined decision making belongs to the individual. The athletes we coach are not ‘our’ athletes. We don’t own them. We … More Own Your Success

When Pigs Fly…

We run across people every single day who set artificial limits on what they believe they are capable of.   I’m not even talking about just the sport of bodybuilding, but life in general. Too many times people see a goal that is going to take years and count it out simply because it’s going to … More When Pigs Fly…

Is Intense Contest Prep Healthy?

Extreme achievements are often associated with a perceived lack of balance and risks.  Bodybuilding is no different.  Pushing your body to extremes can be dangerous.  However, athletes can achieve physiques they are proud of while maintaining high levels of physical and mental health. I am a wife, lawyer, gym owner, drug-free professional bodybuilder, and contest prep coach with a … More Is Intense Contest Prep Healthy?

Healthy Eating on the Go!

A large portion of our client base consists of people who are often juggling responsibilities as full-time professionals and/or students, parents, recreational or professional athletes, and volunteers with various organizations.  This means that life sometimes gets in the way of the perfect planning that nutrition and strength coaches would prefer.    Let’s face it, one of the … More Healthy Eating on the Go!