Kjersten Bakke, J.D., CPT, CSCS


Kjersten is a drug-free professional bodybuilder with an extensive background in nutrition training programs for weight-loss, strength, aesthetics, and athletic performance.

Kjersten is a spouse, practicing attorney, and contest prep coach who is very familiar with the challenges and demands that “normal” career professionals face.  She is living proof that you can be successful in elite level physique competitions and still find success in personal and professional pursuits.  Kjersten is well versed in training and nutrition programming designed to get athletes to the stage presenting stunning physiques, while managing busy personal and professional lives.

Kjersten’s accolades include:

2014 IFPA Pro/Am Natural American Championships Women’s Overall Champion
2014 IFPA St. Louis Gateway Naturals 2014 Women’s Overall Champion

2014 Wisconsin Natural Bodybuilding Championships Women’s Overall Champion
2014 WNBF US Pro Cup Women’s Overall Champion
2014 WNBF World Championships – 8th
2015 WNBF Pro/Am Central USA Championships Women’s Champion
2015 DFAC Pro/Am Georgia Natural Championships Women’s Champion
2015 WNBF Pro USA Women’s Champion
2015 WNBF California Natural Championships Women’s Champion

2015 IFPA Pro Galaxy Elite Women’s Overall Champion

Stephanie Johnson-Bakke BSN, RN, CPT

Stephanie Johnson-Bakke is a graduate of the University of Alaska-Anchorage where she earned her undergraduate degree in nursing.  

Stephanie was a four sport varsity athlete in high school and went on to play basketball at UAA where she served as co-captain her senior year. She remained in Alaska for nearly eight years where she stayed close with the university and local high school basketball teams and was also a practicing nurse. Upon returning to Wisconsin, she began her career at Epic where she spent almost 13 years doing project management, clinical informatics, and sales demonstrations around the world.

Throughout her professional career, Stephanie remained passionate about sports and fitness and is thrilled to have an opportunity to now share, teach, and coach along with her wife, Kjersten. She understands the busy lives of professionals and can help clients maintain fitness goals whether they are on the road or at home. Along with prepping for the stage in 2019, she and her wife are parents of young twins, knowing first-hand how to also balance fitness during the perinatal stages and while raising a family.

Stephanie’s accolades include:

2019 Diva Classic Amateur Women’s Bodybuilding Overall Winner, PNBA Pro Card